About Us


Since 2004, Otago Consulting has been a well-respected consulting firm based in Edmonton, Canada. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients, many of whom have used our services over multiple years.

We boast an impressive array of skills and expertise within our ranks and enjoy an excellent reputation with our past and present clients. We also have a broader network of skills that we can be brought in when necessary.

Our History

Otago Consulting was incorporated in 2004. The initial focus was emergency management and business continuity planning for both public (government) clients and private sector business. Most of the work entailed short term contracts to develop plans, conduct training and to deliver exercises in order to test the plans. We also had one of our first management roles starting and leading a non-profit which worked to bring 24 municipalities together in an emergency mutual aid agreement, so that limited individual resources could be leveraged for a greater regional approach.

In 2006, Otago Consulting was approached to manage two additional clients – one was not profit provincial organization focused on bringing together stakeholders in rural communities in order to minimize the impacts of resources development and the other was private corporation representing a diverse group of companies engaged in stakeholder relations, and emergency preparedness and environmental monitoring.

Community Connections

By 2010, Otago had added work in environmental management and monitoring by taking on a a role of leading a multi-stakeholder organization that addressing regional air quality. We have also worked with other regional Airshed and stewardship groups.

Our Approach

At Otago, we strongly believe in being client focused and while we offer leadership for both management and project clients, we remain flexible to address changing environments.

For short term projects, we request full and active participation from our clients during project engagement, so that:

Information that may not be easily gleaned by an outside consultant is brought forward.

Any skills and knowledge imparted by the Otago team is then invested in the client organizational structure and culture.

People that are counted upon within the organization develop a sense of ownership.